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Facial Cream 1 oz.


Our Luxurious Malibu Skin Face & Body Mango Butter Creams, are always handmade & whipped to perfection! We have a two day process in making our butters. This all natural formulation will deeply nourish your skin, encouraging supple, hydrated & ultra firm skin. Like all of our products, it is vegan and cruelty free!


100% PURE & NATURAL, vegan & cruelty free skin care. - The best ingredients in life are those already available to use in nature - such as vitamins and minerals. Mango Butter contains vitamins A, high amounts of Vitamin E, D, F, group B vitamins, folic acid, calcium, iron and magnesium. We also boost it with premium coconut oil & squalene oil. All are essential to our body, inside and out. Some of the most valuable fatty acids in this butter are stearic, oleic (46%), linoleic acids (unsaturated Omega-6 fatty acid).